New Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Work Alfagrow into your soil prior to general planting. We recommend using 2-4 cups per 50 square feet of garden area. Top dress the area every 60 days of your growing season with 1-2 cups of Alfagrow.

Plants and Shrubs

Work Alfagrow into the loose surface soil around the circumference of your plants or shrubs. We recommend one cup of Alfagrow per one foot circumference of the base of your plants. Alfagrow should be reapplied every 60 days of your growing season.  

Potted Plants

Four ounces of AlfaGrow should be mixed with soil per one gallon of soil mass. This will provide nutrition for your plant for about one year. Top dress one ounce every 60 days for optimal health. 

Lawn Management

Add 10 pounds of AlfaGrow for every 1000 square feet of lawn. Apply by broadcasting AlfaGrow on your lawn and water immediately.


Adding AlfaGrow to your compost will enhance the breakdown of grass clippings and leaves. It will attract worms which will further breakdown the compost material.


Once applied and watered, Alfagrow goes through a slow release process. In other words, Alfagrow breaks down in your soil and feeds your plants their nutrients over time. This goes unnoticed when Alfagrow has been worked into soil but is evident in top dressings. Alfagrow will lighten in color as it breaks down into your soil. Once nutrients are absorbed, Alfagrow flocculates... What the heck does that mean? It means that Alfagrow leaves mulch-like clusters of organic matter. These clusters allow space for water to settle and the roots of your plants to penetrate deeper. They aid in water retention while preventing soils from compacting.