The team at Alfagrow works hard to grow the freshest alfalfa and pelletize it through our purifying steam-drying process. We do this to achieve the purest and most effective 3-in-1 product for your garden. Alfagrow is a triple acting product: a soil amendment, fertilizer, and mulch. Alfagrow is packaged in pellet form for easy garden application. These pellets can be mixed into your soil, broadcasted by hand to form a top layer, or dissolved in water for irrigation. Alfagrow is pet and child safe and while we wouldn't recommend Alfagrow as a mid-day snack, it is toxin free and harmless if accidentally consumed. 

Alfagrow is a proud product of California, created by sustainable farmers for your soil's optimal health.

How does it work?

Alfagrow is a 100% natural California product made from farm-grown alfalfa. Naturally rich in micronutrients and plant stimulants, Alfagrow works by improving soil quality for optimal plant growth. 

Alfagrow is pure organic matter, which when added to soil, prevents erosion and nutrient leaching, while increasing biological activity, nutrient supply, and water retention. Has the drought cut back on your primping time? Looking to conserve water? Alfagrow is the tool to dramatically boost water retention in your soil and allow you that extra minute in the shower.

Alfagrow is high in Triacontanol, a naturally occurring substance found in plant cuticles, including in Alfalfa. This fatty alcohol performs as a natural growth stimulant in plants, especially roses. The result? Your garden full of large, beautiful, healthy blooms!

The Steam Drying Process

Alfagrow is steam cured as it is made into pellets. This process insures that the purest end product reaches your door. Unlike other organic matter applications, our steam curing kills any weed residue, guaranteeing no intruders infiltrate your garden through application. Our steam dryers break down raw plant nutrients for the most effective soil permeation.

Guaranteed Analysis

This is where it begins: the first step to Alfagrow. Our swathers cut our premium grown Alfalfa in the field

Our alfalfa has been cut and is now raked into clean rows

Our rows have been created and our alfalfa is baled.

“You’ll have a dramatic increase in both growth, bloom, and overall vigor of the plant. “
— Paul Barden, Old Garden Rose and Beyond
It is a proven fact that rosarians and rose growers have recommended the addition of alfalfa to all your roses with spectacular results. You can now take advantage of all of these studies by adding alfalfa to all your flower gardens, roses, as well as your vegetable gardens. Alfalfa contains triacontanol, a powerful growth hormone, along with other nutrients and minerals. Adding alfalfa pellets to your landscape will aerate your soil, adjust the pH and improve water penetration and moisture retention. It also increases bio-activity, soil structure, and increases the effectiveness of your fertilizing program.
— Bob Tanem, "Bob Tanem in The Garden"